Aminopyralid – Contaminated Manure Again


I can hardly believe it but it’s true. They’re allowing the use of aminopyralid herbicide again. This is stupidity of the first order. I mean, if there is to be a stupidity competition in the 2012 Olympics, we’re going to win. No question.

This awful persistent herbicide was taken off the market when those clever people (yes that’s sarcasm) at DEFRA finally got it through their extremely thick armour plated skulls to their peanut brains that thousands of gardeners were suffering from the contaminated manure problem.

Even though they took it off the market, the problem is going to be around until 2013 and we’re not going to be able to trust the most natural fertiliser we have. So now they’ve decided to let it out again.

Well whoopee, lets all rejoice that the our government has shown itself to be so careful of the environment and the interests of organic (and non-organic) gardeners. If I sound annoyed, it’s because I am.



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August 12, 2009

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August 6, 2009

tracy @ 11:25 am #

unbelievable. I’ve signed the petition

Neil @ 3:05 pm #


August 7, 2009

Sue @ 8:43 am #

I sufferd last year and probabaly have 2 years worth in my compost heap so decided to buy growbags for teh tomatoes….guess what- yep they are affected too. Shall I give up growing toms til 2013 or beyond?!

Unless the supermarkets don’t want it we are just powerless in this country!

August 12, 2009

frank layton @ 6:59 pm #

Just another example of inadequate , inept , and downright stupid management by politicians . At the salaries they get (I did not say earn) they should pay heed to those in the know , and have experience – which they plainly do not have. They never listen to their constituents , except at elections , and even then they forget all about that as soon as they enter Parliament . Tin pot gods who are overpaid and incompetent.

August 18, 2009

Darren @ 1:16 am #

I,m with you all,this needs stopping!

August 24, 2009

sheila grosvenor @ 10:40 am #

Cant beleive they can make such cock-up’s,It’s like knocking on wood, We are trying to make everything more healthy for ourselves and as usual someone has to sabotage it. I have never bought manure always having easy access to it from our own horses, but I suppose that could also be contaminated couldnt it? I will now think twice about using peat-free compost in the future.

September 3, 2009

Andy Cairns @ 7:47 pm #

This Government is utterly useless in all it does.

The sad fact is I flipping well voted for them.


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